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I’m interested in a shave plan! How does it work?

How should I decide how often I should receive the shipment?

Is there a fee to join or any extra fees?

Does my Shave Plan come with a razor handle?

What do I receive in my first shipment?

How do I buy extra razor handles?

Where does Shave Society ship to?

Am I able to have multiple subscriptions under one account?

I want to gift a shave plan to a friend! How do I do that?

What is your return policy?

If I change my mind, can I cancel my shave plan?


What forms of payment do you accept?

When will I be charged for my shave plan?


Where does Shave Society ship to?

I just placed my initial order! When will it ship?

When should I expect my recurring orders to ship?

What delivery method do you use?

Can I pay for expedited shipping?


How many blade cartridges do I receive in each shipment?

How many blades are in each cartridge?

I know a guy who would love your products! Are your products just for women?

How often should I change my blade cartridge?

What are your blades and handles made out of?

Are your razor handles and cartridges compatible with other brands?

Where are your products made?